A Girl Troubled By Stares

"I am Aanchal Adhikari. But for a long time, people try to limit my identity as being just a girl with an unfit body proportions. I am 23 years old now but the problematic stares my body shape has earned me counts a hundred times more.

I have a heavier lower half and encounter sexualised stares.This has made me conscious ever since I was a school student. Alone, it wouldn't have meant anything but with all the gazes that fall on my body, sometimes amazed and sometimes lustful, my anxiety heightened. I experimented with clothing styles keeping it minimal in the hopes that it would free me. But that wasn't the solution.

This was not a problem unique to me. People have always made their fellow humans feel uncomfortable with their judgemental and unwanted stares.They fail to notice that they are defining themselves as perpetrators of harassment while doing so.

Yes, staring at people in a way to fuel their embarrassment and to downgrade their dignity is a form of harassment. I have learnt to accept the fact that we are all born different the hard way. But may we not create other victims that question their life just because someone couldn't keep their gestures to themselves. May we understand harassment can occur not just with contact but also with gaze."